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Development history of the company

  • 1996

    In 1996 we established Ruian Luonan switch factory

  • 2000

    In 2000, carburetor and solenoid valve products were matched with mainframe suppliers

  • 2006

    In 2006, we changed our name to Wenzhou Guangtai Auto Parts Co., Ltd

  • 2008

    In 2008, we passed the ISO9001 quality system certification

  • 2012

    In 2012, we changed our name to Wenzhou Shuangsong Auto Parts Co., Ltd

  • 2013

    In 2013, we passed the IATF16949 quality system certification

  • 2014

    In 2014, we successfully developed thermostat electric push rod

  • 2018

    In 2018, we have carried out technological innovation on the thermostat push rod (product advantages: 12V power on for 3 minutes, power off for 3 minutes, cycle for 20,000 times, dry burning in the air without damage)

Development history of electric heating push rod

  • 1996

    In 1996 we successfully developed the glow plug product

  • 2000

    In 2000, we successfully developed flame plug products

  • 2011

    In 2011 ,we started to develop the electric heating push rod

  • 2012

    In 2012, we successfully developed electric heating push rod products, supporting Tianbo, Deben, Tenli, Nanfeng, Libora and other manufacturers. The annual output reached 200,000.

  • 2013

    In 2013, the annual output of our company reached 500,000

  • 2018

    In 2018, the annual output of electric heating push rod reaches 1 million, and the maximum capacity reaches 3 million

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